My Stash of Prego Jars

I was recently thinking back to our first few months here…

…starting life over from scratch…

…first trimester of pregnancy…

…not yet sold on the cuisine here…

…overwhelmed by heat and exhaustion…

So we ate a lot of spaghetti!

Jars and jars of imported Prego sauce were always on my shelf, ready to grab whenever my culture-shocking, tongue-twisted, language-learning, pregnant self couldn’t cook anything more glamorous than that.

Because the sauce was imported, what would’ve been a cheap spaghetti dinner in US tripled in price. But over the last year and I half, I’ve found those left over Prego jars have come in handy! (perhaps making up for how expensive they were to buy in the first place!)


There are so many “staples” for our Western palate that we either can’t buy here or are imported (ie, expensive!) so I’ve tried my hand at making them myself. And those Prego jars have been the perfect containers for all of my recent kitchen DIY concoctions.

I thought I’d pass along the recipes I use in case you want to try them too!

IMG_6527APPLESAUCE: Such an agreeable way to get an extra serving of fruit in a toddler! (Or an adult, for that matter!) This is hands-down the simplest, healthiest, tastiest, easiest applesauce recipe ever. Throw it in the crockpot for a few hours, blend it in a blender and you’re done! Get the recipe I use here, and wonder (along with me) how you could’ve ever let a day pass without indulging your taste buds on this tasty goodness.


CHICKEN BROTH AND CREAM OF CHICKEN: Let’s face it. These are like the foundational ingredients of about a bazillion Western-world recipes. But over here, my options are 1) MSG infused powder that I have to mix up to make anyway or 2) expensive imported brands from the US. So one day I got to thinking… “Surely it can’t be too hard to do this on my own…” And I was right! I love that I know every ingredient in each of those jars… very healthy! Check out the chicken broth recipe here (another crockpot winner!) and the cream of chicken recipe here! (And by the way, totally possible to just do veggie versions of both!)


PANCAKE SYRUP: Some of you may recall our $50-pancake-syrup-accidental-purchase over a year ago. Yep. It’s another one of those expensive, imported items. So to make our traditional Saturday morning pancake breakfast crazy inexpensive, I started making our own pancake syrup! And let me tell you, even if I were to live in the US, I wouldn’t buy the already made stuff!  Making it yourself might cost you as much as 25 cents a batch… compared to $3-4 a bottle? Just grab some maple syrup flavoring and follow this simple recipe. Bye-bye Mrs. Butterworths!


YOGURT: Forever dear to my heart, of course, my homemade yogurt is kept in Prego jars. I’ve already blogged about the powdered milk version and the fresh milk version, so take your pick!


SPAGHETTI SAUCE: Perhaps the only one that actually makes sense to store in a Prego jar–spaghetti sauce. What can I say? We like Italian food. And as we prepare to move to a more remote location, not even imported Prego will be available. So I’ve been trying my hand at making my own. This recipe I use calls for canned tomato sauce, which 1) I’m not sure will be available in our next location, and 2) is like the unhealthiest thing to eat out of a can, so I used jars of tomato sauce here. Next I need to learn how to make my own tomato sauce… surely it can’t be that difficult…


One day I hope to retire my Prego jars and get a bunch of wide-mouth Mason jars… because I want to learn to can my own foods, and because they’re just so adorable!

maybe for my birthday… or Christmas…


Hint… hint…



But until then, I’m having so much fun re-using my Prego jars and trying my hand at all the new things I can put in them!

If you had a stash of Prego jars, what would you put in them?? Pass along any recipes or ideas you have!


4 thoughts on “My Stash of Prego Jars

  1. I have jars just like this that are full of home made bubble mixture. I used Dawn soap, water and sugar. They’re not perfect but Claire doesn’t mind!

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